Keeping the Kidlet’s Hydrated in the Heat!


Summer vacation for those who have children in school is half over! It’s been very hot lately – it was 40 degrees last week, but the mercury levels and humidity made it feel as high as 50! It is important to keep children hydrated to avoid.

Getting children to drink more water is not always easy. Children who are addicted to milk and juice often do not like water very much. Giving children juice all the time is often bad for their teeth and high in sugar (a diet high in sugar and fat can lead to obesity). Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your kids hydrated during the summer (or anytime!):

  • Provide water at different times of the day. I take it with me for errands and walks. Remind children to take breaks to drink water, especially when they are busy and distracted by play. It is effective to ask if
  • Offer juicy fresh fruit at snack times and between meals. Watermelon is a great option.
    Make homemade popsicles with fresh water and fruit
  • Mix a little of your favorite juice with water for flavor and cut down on excess sugar from the juice.
  • Adding ice cubes to your juice will dilute it without your child even noticing. For kids who “forget” alcohol, set a kitchen timer to go off every hour. Then ask your child to remind him to drink water.