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Home Grown Lust  by  Dick Bigwood

Home Grown Lust by Dick Bigwood
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”I always knew you were just like me…”He is older than me, and definitely more experienced, but I can still show him a thing or two. Left alone together, there is no telling what kind of things we might get up to!This erotic gay adventure from Dick Bigwood contains taboo relationships and scenes of a highly explicit, sexual nature. For mature adults onlyExcerpt“I would often catch a glimpse of him as he ran to the shower, a towel barely covering his modesty.

In the hot weather, he would take off his top, and I would drink in the sight of his abs, his toned chest, that distinctive V shape of a young man who works out. He was a sexy young man.I had no idea if he felt that way about me. It was taboo to even think about it, especially with Mom and Nathan taking such pains to make sure that we got on well. We would take family days out, to theme parks and bowling, with Jez and I in the back seat of the car, gently stroking each other in an affectionate, or perhaps overly familiar way.I didn’t really know what he felt until one day I came home from college early.

I ran up the stairs, wanting to get straight out of my clothes and into something cooler and more comfortable. A swung open the door and there he was. He bent over as soon as he saw me enter, trying to hide the evidence. He had a pair of my boxers in his hand…”

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